I am a London-based visual artist.  I grew up with a fascination for gazing.  Long summers spent in Portugal with my mother's family fostered this transient state as I hovered between a language that was familiar but not spoken by me.  I would find myself examining faces while they paused to listen, objects, even the wallpaper.

This kind of gazing has been described by the French Philosopher Jacque Lacan as the impossible.  Lacan said "the real is impossible..., in so far as we cannot express it in language because the very entrance into language marks our separation from the real".  He refers to the object of our eye's look somehow looking back at us.  This sense of being gazed at by the object of our look became fascinating to me.

This has translated into my working practice.  I collect and organise everyday objects, patterns, spaces, photographs from magazines, books and the internet.  I manipulate images and create drawings, where the photographic information is retold and given a new context.

Works are constructed and made in series as collections.  I play and engage with ideas of impermanence, mass production, fragility, memory and movement.  Some works are legible, nameable, while others suggest familiar forms, themes, structures and fabrics.